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    The key to information security
    Protect your online privacy with our strong
    and secure FIDO products.
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    ROCKEY6 Smart
    The ultimate key to information security.
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    Instant, secure login to all IT-systems
    using FIDO two-factor authentication
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    protect your software
    Distribute your intellectual property safely with
    our ROCKEY technology.


ROCKEY and ePass offer solutions to software copyright protection, licensing management, FIDO and PKI authentication. We provide cost-effective security solutions together with fast delivery in Europe and the rest of the world.


We offer a complete range of reliable and affordable solutions for software security (ROCKEY Software Protection) and advanced internet security and authentication (FIDO and ePass).


Support and extensive resources are available to all our registered clients to get the latest updates of SDKs and libraries in assistance of development of software security.

Our products

ROCKEY Software Protection


ROCKEY keys prevent illegal use of software. We offer various cost effective Software License Dongles designed for different licensing needs and budgets. Developer friendly integration ensure for minimum learning time needed for implementation.

A comprehensive toolkit allows you to easily and securely integrate ROCKEY protection technology into your software product. ROCKEY encryption technology protects a plethora of information and applications, including media files, data, and software based on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Why ROCKEY ? The high quality, ease in use, high security level, and affordability, make ROCKEY the key with the by far best price/performance ratio in the software security market.

ePass FIDO and PKI authentication token


The ideal solution for network security applications and online services. The certificate based ePass Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) tokens enable users to secure virtual communications and transactions with advanced digital signature and data encryption features.


Strong FIDO U2F two-factor authentication using public key crypto that protects against phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks.

One key, many services. Works with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, LastPass and hundreds more services.

Why ePass ? The high quality, ease in use, high security level, and affordability, make ePass the authentication tokens with the by far best price/performance ratio in the online security market.

Your benefits

Using ROCKEY, FIDO U2F and ePass solutions will give you an competitative advantage and more revenues

  • Increased revenue from legal sales
  • New happy customers thanks to flexible licensing models and secure transactions
  • Cost savings because of ease of integration and flexibility
  • Protection of your intellectual property and investments
Secure your future now with our ROCKEY, FIDO U2F and ePass technology!

"In a sluggish global economy, no country can afford to leave billions of dollars on the table by letting software piracy persist."

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