This section contains a range of downloads including data sheets, documentation, software development kits, and and supplementary information.

You have access to the complete list of contents, excluding the full SDK files since they are password protected. If you are a developer and do not have received the password yet, please contact

Product Data sheets

name date size
ROCKEY4ND Data sheet Jul 2013 5120 kb
ROCKEY6 SMART Data sheet Jul 2013 5185 kb
ePASS 2003 Data sheet Feb 2012 161 kb
FIDO manual June 2018 1753 kb

Software Development Kits and tools

name date size
ROCKEY4ND -- full SDK Mar 2018 24 MB
ROCKEY4ND -- envelope Nov 2017 2,7 MB
ROCKEY6 SMART -- full SDK Sep 2014 23 MB
ROCKEY6 -- full SDK
Note: obsolete! This is the SDK for the old Rockey6.
Jan 2015 30 MB
ePASS 2003 -- full SDK Jan 2015 5 MB
ROCKEY4 driver
Note: obsolete!. This is the latest driver for ROCKEY4. Please note that the ROCKEY4 is not maintained any more. The sucessor is the ROCKEY4ND.
Aug 2015 1.4 MB