Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to implement?

Implementing security is not difficult. We provide a selection of tools and examples to help you in making a highly secure solution.

Is it secure?

ROCKEY and ePASS products comply to the highest security standards, and have some unique features not seen elsewhere.

Is it expensive?

No! We support different licensing needs and budgets. And moreover, our products are significant lower priced than our competitors.

At Novaris we have carefully selected the products that fulfill most requirements of our customers. We never compromise on security, but do so on the cost.

For example, we do not have ROCKEY2 dongles at stock - which is the low-cost software protection dongle - because we find the offered security level too low for most applications. Similarly, we do not sell the ePass1000, again because of the somewhat lower security it provides. The products that we selected do meet our security standards, and we offer those at a similar price.

However, since we are full distributor of Feitian products, we are able to sell all they offer, but do not keep them at stock. For example, we do distribute the OTP C100 event-based (HOTP) or OTP C200 Time-based (TOTP) tokens.

When interested in any of these products, just e-mail

Yes, that is possible. Please be aware that the Purchase Code is tightly coupled to the set of passwords. That implies that if you would like to receive a new set of passwords, you need to order with the corresponding Purchase Code.

Note that it is rarely needed to have different dongles, since most functionality (i.e. licensing schemes) can normally and easily be implemented in one dongle already. Only if you develop products for different customers (as an indeoendent software developer or software house), it may be useful to have different dongles.

Yes, definitely you can, just mention the required colour when ordering. You can choose between: green, blue, and red.
No, all our products use drivers that are already included in the operating system. This implies that your customer simply can plug-in a new dongle or tken, and it will be automatically configured, and ready for use.

Well, both dongles are very suitable for protecting your software. Both are highly reliable and secure. The ROCKEY4 is a bit easier in use, and is a bit cheaper. The ROCKEY6 requires somewhat more effort to integrate into your program, and is a bit more expensive.

The main difference is in the level of security you need. When you have an expensive product, it may be wise to invest a bit more in time and money and use the ROCKEY6.

Well, actually the ROCKEY4 and the ROCKEY4ND are quite similar. The ROCKEY4ND is the version that does not need a special driver. The original ROCKEY4 is obsolete (since 2013). When we now refer to ROCKEY4, we actually mean the ROCKEY4ND. Only existing customers who have bought the old ROCKEY4, will receive (limited) suppprt for their products.

All software, documentation, and tools are available for our customers. Updates will be available on the download section from the website.

In case you need special support, just let us know (, and we will try to help.

Every dongle or token has an integrated LED that indicates the status of the device. In normal operation the LED should be lightened. If the LED is flashing, it means that it is not yet ready, or that the device has not been recognised and a suitable driver installed. This can happen due to new releases of the operating system (Windows).

In such cases, please have a look at the download session in this site, and download the latest software. If that still fails, please contact support.

Yes, they are very secure. They include 4 passwords divided into 2 levels. Each is 16 bits in length. The 1st level includes 2 basic passwords for basic operations on the dongle. The 2nd-level passwords are dedicated advanced passwords provided to developers for controlling writing to the dongle and defining encryption algorithms. These 2 passwords must not appear in the software delivered to end users. If the advanced passwords are entered in error and the special memory has been written 4 times, the dongle will be locked for 2 seconds. No operations can be performed during the 2 seconds. This measure prevents attempts of the passwords by attackers.
No. The difference between the time consumed by the simplest algorithm and the time consumed by the most compliex algorithm is merely several tens of milliseconds. If the complex algorithm is not invoked frequently, you cannot perceive any slowness.

ROCKEY6 might require longer learning time compared to other models, but if one already have the experience on smart cards technology or at least on C Language, it can be easier. In ROCKEY6's SDK, there are comprehensive Developer's Guide, useful samples, and concept Tutorials provided to ease your learning on ROCKEY6.

Development steps needed:

  1. Separate the core program from the main program. Convert the core program to an external program by compiling it to C51 Project.
  2. Compile and debug the external program with the ROCKEY6 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) until the program runs properly. You can also debug in combination with the main program's development environment.
  3. Write the compiled executable file into ROCKEY6 Smart dongle.
  4. Write the API communication between the main program and ROCKEY6 Smart.
ROCKEY6 Smart come with unchangeable globally unique customer ID and a changeable super password. By using this super password, developers can set up to 16 security privileges for ROCKEY6's 16 file security levels. For the remote update, ROCKEY6 support "one-time-only" password technology.
No, since we are a business-to-business company, we only accept bank transfer payments.
When you are a regular customer of Novaris, you do not need to pay in advance. First time customers do need to pay in advance.
Only companies in the EU need to provide their VAT number, in which case we do not have to charge VAT. If you do not provide a valid VAT number, we have to charge the Dutch VAT on the invoice.

The Purchase Number is a unique identification that indicates what type of dongle is being ordered. In other words, they share the same passwords. Each copy of the software is delivered with a dongle to end users. Since all the delivered dongles have the same number, devopers do not need to re-compile each copy of the software.

The Purchase Code will allow us to (double) check that you are the owner of the code, and it will make sure that you will receive the dongles with the same set of passwords as before.

Yes, we do deliver in Europe, North America and South America. Please note that delivery in EU will be faster.
Since we keep a large stock of all our selected products, we normally deliver within a week. Special requests (e.g. a specific colour or a large quantity) may cause a longer delivery. For those case, please contact Sales well before, so we can make sure that once you place the order, we have the items at stock.

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