Our ROCKEY products

ROCKEY4 - advanced software protection


ROCKEY4 is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the USB port of a computer. It is in fact a powerful miniature computer, with a CPU, memory and specialized security firmware.

ROCKEY4 keys have a unique ID number, up to 1000 bytes memory, 16 internal variables, the possibility of defining own algorithms, a simple API, and an automatic protection of Windows executables.

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ROCKEY6 Smart - the smartest software license dongle


ROCKEY6 SMART is a high performance software program encryption device. This dongle extracts and converts a portion or the program code which is subsequently stored on the autonomous device making it impervious to reverse engineering.

The ROCKEY6 is in fact a smartcard reader, equipped with a smartcard and the Chip Operating System ROCKEY COS.

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Your benefits


Save money

why pay more than needed? ROCKEY keys are significant lower priced than other comparable keys in the market.

And above all, ROCKEY keys prevent illegal use of software, and thus have increased revenues! Various cost effective software license schemes designed for different licensing needs and budgets.

Security and reliability

ROCKEY has taken several mechanisms to prevent hacking. Together with the multiple, by the developer defined algorithms, makes the protection almost impossible to crack.

Every ROCKEY has are own 'burned' set of passwords and ID, which are impossible to change, not even by us!
Moreover, we give a five year complete guarantee on all our products.

Ease of use

ROCKEY is a well-designed software protection system that comes with user-friendly interface and sample source codes in most programming languages.

Developer friendly integration ensure for minimum learning time needed for implementation. ROCKEY's API simplifies the programming effort, and the envelope encryption allows a simple and effective protection possible within one minute.