ROCKEY4 - Software Protection dongle

  • ROCKEY products are designed to help software developers to protect their software intellectual property rights through ROCKEY's advanced hardware based protection system thus prevent revenue loss due to software piracy.

  • Unlike some competing products, ROCKEY is a powerful miniature computer, with a CPU, memory and specialized firmware that allow for robust interaction with your application.

  • You may write simple algorithms in the ROCKEY4 that are securely stored in the dongle, and then call those algorithms from time-to-time in your application. This method for software protection is strongly recommended and is very difficult to crack.

  • And though ROCKEY was designed to implement extremely high levels of security, it is also relatively easy to implement. The ROCKEY API set has been simplified and improved based on experience gained from earlier versions.



ROCKEY4 is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the USB port of a computer. Your software may be duplicated, but it will only run when your ROCKEY4 dongle is attached to the computer.

Your application will interact with ROCKEY4 at start-up and during runtime, No Dongle means No License to execute your software.

You can also limit the use of your software which is very common in the software industry for DEMO purposes or SHAREWARE.


From ready to use enveloper tool to programming APIs, ROCKEY4 can support both very simplistic but effective protection methods, and much more complex schemes to achieve very high level of security.

The ROCKEY4 system supports user defined algorithms, API controls, envelope software for direct encryption of Windows portable executable files and a random data transfer mechanism to make dongle simulation attacks ineffective.

The ROCKEY4 system is ideal for developers who need to support a large number of program modules, or very complex algorithms.


ROCKEY4 is a driverless dongle that needs no driver.

ROCKEY4 access security is controlled by a 64-bit password set that is burned into the CPU. The passwords cannot be modified.

Developers may store 128 instructions in the User Algorithm Zone. ROCKEY4 keys have a unique ID number, 1000 bytes memory, 64 internal variables (modules), a simple API, and an automatic protection of Windows executables.

User defined algorithms can be executed in runtime to achieve challenge-response authentication.

ROCKEY4 - Features

ROCKEY4 - security concepts


ROCKEY4 has a unique number of concepts allowing you to effectively secure your application programs. Together this makes ROCKEY as one of the safest and reliable dongles in the world!

  • Passwords
  • When developers purchase ROCKEY, they will get four 16-bit passwords. The first two are basic passwords, the last two are advanced passwords. The basic passwords allow end users to access all necessary ROCKEY functions, and the advanced passwords are only needed for the software developer to use some of the configuration functions.

  • Hardware ID and user ID
  • The Hardware ID is an unique 32-bits serial number, which cannot be changed. The User ID is a 32-bits memory allocation that may be used to store an application serial number or other identification information.

  • Data-memory
  • This memory space of 1000 bytes can be used by the developer to store any kind of data. Users can read and write to this space at any time.

  • Modules
  • There are 64 modules (internal secured 16-bits variables) in which for example encryption-data can be stored that is used by the algorithms. The modules can also contain a down counter. Programs can only read these modules using a self-defined algorithm (a small program stored in the dongle), or can decrease the counter by one.

  • Algorithms
  • ROCKEY can execute various simple instructions which are stored in the dongle. You may write simple algorithms that are securely stored in the dongle, and then call those algorithms from time-to-time in your application. This method for software protection is almost impossible to crack. Possible instructions are addition, multiplication, shift, compare, etc. This will allow ultimate security!

ROCKEY4 - development tools


The ROCKEY protection system has several general mechanisms to protect your software: the ROCKEY Envelope and the ROCKEY API. Additionally, there are some tools available to make develipment easy.

  • ROCKEY Envelope
  • The Envelope program allows software developers to encrypt any executable files in a few simple steps. This solution does not require any programming skills and is an ideal solution if you do not possess the source code for the application. The envelope program is also useful when used in conjunction with the API to enhance a software protection mechanism. However, an envelope program is not considered strong protection when used without calls to the API and is limited to Windows executable files. The ROCKEY4 dongle also provides envelope programs for .Net, flash media (.swf) applications.

  • The ROCKEY API is a program language interface between the dongle and the developer's application. The ROCKEY API stack supports several programming languages and allows the developer flexibility to create very powerful encryption mechanisms. API protection requires that the developer have access to the source code and become familiar with the ROCKEY API.

  • Editor
  • ROCKEY4's Editor is a useful tool for developer to perform dongle configuration, testing and batch production. This convenient tool allow developer to learn and edit the usable memory of ROCKEY4 dongles.

  • Remote update
  • ROCKEY4's Remote Update provide useful tool that developer can create a secure patch file to update ROCKEY4 dongle remotely. All the content will be encrypted with DES and will only be decrypted with the valid ROCKEY4 dongle. With this tool, developer can simply re-enable the dongle, open more functions or re-license the dongle, etc.