ROCKEY6 Smart - The smartest software licence dongle

  • The "uncrackable" ROCKEY6 is the next generation software security-dongle that combines the traditional dongle technology with smartcard technology.

  • ROCKEY products are designed to help software developers to protect their software intellectual property rights through ROCKEY's advanced hardware based protection system thus prevent revenue loss due to software piracy.

  • You may write complex algorithms that are securely stored in the dongle, and then call those algorithms from time-to-time in your application. This method for software protection is strongly recommended and is very difficult to crack.

  • And though ROCKEY was designed to implement extremely high levels of security, it is also relatively easy to implement. The ROCKEY API set has been simplified and improved based on experience gained from earlier versions.



ROCKEY6 works on the basis of transplanting code from the PC to the secure ROCKEY6 environment.

ROCKEY6 technology executes essential parts of your application in the highly secured environment of the ROCKEY6 smart card. Dongle will perform as a part of the application. Without the dongle, the application is not complete.

Smart card technology makes it virtually impossible for crackers to track, debug or read the external program. This unique principle results in an ideal and highly secure software protection system.


ROCKEY6 SMART Software Protection Dongle is a smart card chip based software protection dongle with built-in C51 virtual machine.

It is providing up to 64K on board memory storage, soft timer for time-limit license and built-in internal counter and high-strength encryption algorithms such as RSA and DES.

Through the flexible remote-update and feature management features of ROCKEY6 SMART, software developers can easily employ various sales patterns like lease, trial and sale on application features in an absolute pirate-free way.


As the smartest software license dongle, it is a driverless model and has its own secure CPU, RAM, and ROM.

Many advanced administrative functions (such as Remote Update Management) are integrated in the software, and are all within the software package.

User defined complex algorithms can be executed in runtime to achieve optimal challenge-response authentication.

The ROCKEY6 development kit contains a ROCKEY6 dongle and all tools, drivers, installation software, extensive examples and API's in many program languages.

ROCKEY6 Smart - Features

ROCKEY6 Smart - security concepts


ROCKEY6 Smart has a unique number of concepts allowing you to effectively secure your application programs. The integrated smartcard technology makes it flexible and extremely secure.

  • Security at hardware level
  • The ROCKEY6 Smart is based on smartcard technology. Smartcard hardware is engineered to prevent reverse engineering and specialized analysis used by hackers and others who seek to crack security schemes.

    Smartcards integrate modules such as CPU, RAM, EEPROM and FLASH and are essentially a mini-computer on a chip, providing a powerful and versatile platform for developing complex and powerful security programs.

  • Security at software level
  • The target program’s kernel algorithms and data may be “transplanted” and executed inside the smartcard’s protected environment.

    The transplanted code operates under the management of the smartcard operating system and forms a miniature-computing environment that runs in parallel to the main computer.

ROCKEY6 Smart - development tools


The ROCKEY protection system has several general mechanisms to protect your software: the ROCKEY Envelope and the ROCKEY API. Additionally, there are some tools available to make develipment easy.

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • IDE is an Internet Explorer like utility that is integrated with KEIL uVision2. It provides developer a user friendly with C language alike environment to program ROCKEY6 Smart with below main functions:

    • Editing, compiling and debugging of external program (core codes)
    • Management of both virtual and real IC cards which include file operations, formatting, password updates and execution
    • Simulating the execution of the external programs on the virtual card
    • Download and test external programs (core codes) on real IC card

  • Remote update
  • This is a utility developer can use to implement secure remote update which support multiple module schemes to their ROCKEY6 Smart protected applications. It is built with high-level security architecture which is using One-Time-Password and message digest methodology with advanced on-board encryption algorithms. Developers can now re-enable the dongle, open more functions, re-license their ROCKEY6 Smart dongle with the convenient of e-mailing.